About Us

Welcome to Pearl Shaw School of Performing Arts, established in 1974 in the heart of Old Colwyn.

Our talented and highly qualified instructors are passionate about developing young people into confident performers and holistic young people.

Pearl Shaw School has been uniquely placed in Colwyn Bay for many years, and we deliver the highest standard of lessons. We are a highly regarded performing arts academy. We have recently relocated from Colwyn Bay to Old Colwyn and have renovated a beautiful Grade II listed building into three fully equipped unique studios​, as well as a designated singing room for private lessons.

While our professional standards are appropriately high, parents call Pearl Shaw a family. This is because we have spent years carefully cultivating a community spirit where older students take care of younger students, and everyone - regardless of their level - is made to feel valued and included. Our young students develop a strong bond and genuinely make friends for life.

At Pearl Shaw, we love and nurture all of our students, and because our teachers are parents themselves, they understand the need to grow each young person holistically to be the best that they can be.